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People say that pictures speak a thousand words. However, photo crystal speak three thousand words. Let’s assume you just got married. What would be the perfect gift? A car? A house?  All these are perfect gifts but imagine if someone gifts you a picture of you and your spouse engraved in crystal with a three-dimensional edge to it. Sounds amazing, right? 3D photos engraved in crystals give your pictures a magical touch and are an amazing gift for newly wedded couples, birthdays and could even serve as the perfect anniversary gift. The beauty of 3D photo crystal engraving is that they give your gift a personalised touch and make them unique and special.

Why do you need a photo Crystal ?

When you walk into the average home, what’s the first thing you notice? Often, people notice the family picture first. In most cases, it doesn’t hold their attention for long and their eyes soon move on to other things. However, if the picture was engraved in crystal with a 3D edge, it is very likely that they would pick it up, scrutinize it and admire it. This is exactly what 3D photo engraving does. It gives your pictures a unique edge and draws admiration from everyone who comes across it.

Similarly, it is also the perfect item you can gift to a friend or family member who is celebrating a special occasion.  It serves as a unique gift that would surely create fond memories for the person whom you are gifting it to.

What kind of pictures can be engraved?



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With  photo crystal , any type of image can be engraved. From your personal photos to group photos and even abstract images! Similarly, your company or business logo can be modeled into a 3D design and then etched into a unique piece of 3D crystal.

However, if you are looking to model a group picture into a three-dimensional design and then engrave it in crystal, the shape and size of the crystal may differ.

One unique feature of  photo crystal engraving is that the backgrounds of the pictures are not reflected in the final design, thereby giving it a professional and flawless edge. Thus, if your picture was taken in an aesthetically deficient background, you have no worries as the flaws would be omitted in the 3D engraved photo.


At Laser Crystal Engraving, we convert your 2D pictures into amazing three-dimensional images and engrave them into flawless, unique pieces of crystal. The crystals come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your preferences. Our services ensure that you have an awe-inspiring gift for yourself, friends and loved ones. With our 3D engraving services, we would definitely bring your pictures to life!  

All we need is a high-quality picture of you or the person you wish to engrave and then, we would churn out a high-quality 3D image engraved in crystal suited to your taste and preferences.

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